About Fizz Soakery

Thank you for visiting Fizz Soakery! We specialize in making luxurious handmade products. Kelly, the Owner of Fizz Soakery started making bath bombs out of her kitchen 5 years ago, other brands just didn't fizz as long, smell as good or feel as nice on the skin. Since then, the demand for Fizz Soakery products has grown so large that online restocks sell out in minutes, and a retail/work space front was needed to accommodate the growing sales. 

Fizz Soakery opened their flagship store on September 3rd 2021. With the help of her business partners Courtney and Lou, Fizz Soakery not only carries bath bombs, but also candles, self-care items, jewelry, clothing, and much more! 

It is a store you don't want to miss stopping by when you're visiting the prettiest town in Canada! Fizz Soakery prides itself on making products that are beautiful, luxurious and of the utmost quality.