About Us

Welcome to Fizz Soakery, where handcrafted indulgence meets artisanal excellence! Let me share our story with you. Kelly, the visionary behind Fizz Soakery, embarked on her journey five years ago, creating bath bombs in her own kitchen. Dissatisfied with mass-produced alternatives that fell short on fizz, scent, and skin nourishment, Kelly set out to redefine bath time luxury.

Her dedication paid off, as Fizz Soakery quickly gained traction, with online launches disappearing in moments. Kelly's signature blend became synonymous with quality. To meet the growing demand, we expanded into a retail workspace, maintaining our commitment to handcrafting each bath bomb individually. From painting to wrapping, every step is infused with care, showcasing the charm of artisanal creation.

After nearly three years at our brick and mortar location, we've decided to return to our roots and transition Fizz Soakery back to its online origins. Wholesale orders will continue uninterrupted, ensuring our products reach every corner with the same devotion to excellence.